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Meet Fenitsa expertise

Our vision is to get the best results from our products and the work we do as a company. Mutual respect and honesty towards our employees, partners and customers are our basic principles. Our aim is to adopt and share the understanding of continuous quality improvement, to put our knowledge and skills at the service of our customers and to keep our customers' satisfaction above all else.

Honlama, torna, freze, taşlama ve lepleme gibi gelişmiş üretim teknikleri, Fenitsa'nın üretim parçalarının parçalarını oluşturur. Bu işlemlerdeki titizlik, kesintisiz yüksek kaliteye ulaşmasını sağlar. Advanced production techniques such as honing, turning, milling, grinding and lapping distinguish Fenitsa's production parts. The meticulousness in these processes ensures consistently high quality.

Fenitsa offers high efficiency to your systems with production precision and innovations in pneumatic technology.

Fenitsa, seri üretimde sıra yüksek kalitede kapasiteye sahip olmanın yanı sıra müşteri taleplerine yönelik özel üretim imkanı da sunmaktadır. Özel tasarlanmış silindirler, boyutları benzersiz boyutları karşılamak üzere uzman mühendisler tarafından geliştirilir. In addition to having high quality capacity in mass production, Fenitsa also offers special production opportunities for customer demands. Custom designed cylinders are developed by expert engineers to accommodate unique dimensions.
fenitsa pneumatic production

Fenitsa Pneumatic Production

Our mission is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing high standard, quality service. Our goal is not always to consume ideas, but to generate ideas. We strive to maintain our leading role in the sector as an institution with a local and global perspective, with professional discipline and amateur spirit. As a brand, we have always tried to keep it at the forefront in all our products.

fenitsa hydraulic production

Fenitsa Hydraulic Production

Our company offers high-level solutions to your industrial needs with its powerful hydraulic cylinders. Our experienced team prioritizes customer satisfaction with customizable designs and reliable hydraulic technology. Our leading position in the industry will help you make your business processes more efficient. Trust us for fast, reliable and high-performance hydraulic cylinders!

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