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Fenitsa started its activities, primarily in pneumatics, in order to meet the needs and requirements of the machinery manufacturing sector and to provide services by producing professional solutions. Pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic cylinder connection equipment and all other pneumatic fields offer solutions suitable for every budget with years of knowledge and experience in the field of pneumatic technologies.

Abdullah KAYHAN started working in his own company.

Hydraulic Press production started.

Abdullah KAYHAN founded the HANTAŞ company.

The first hydraulic cylinder production started.

Mass production of hydraulic cylinders started.

Pneumatic cylinder production started.

CNC Machines were put on the production line.

Mold production started.

Work started with CAD CAM Systems.

Pneumatics production in large diameters started.

ISO 9000 Certificate was obtained.

Production started in accordance with ISO Standards.

The pneumatic production line was put into operation.

The use of robots started in the production line.

Export capacity was increased by signing agreements with our dealers in different countries.

Our dealership system throughout Türkiye has reached a very comprehensive point.

Our company has a respected position in the industry. Thanks to its quality products and customer-oriented approach, it is seen as a reliable business partner by our customers.

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